Thursday, 22 November 2012

Top 10 Things You Should Follow to Make SEO Friendly Blogs

It is interesting to learn how you can make your blog visible and read by your targeted group of readers. You need to have your blog listed on the first page of popular search engine results, and for this you have to implement certain strategies. Though this is best done professionally by an experienced SEO company, it will benefit you to be aware of the effective strategies that can make your blog interesting to human visitors as well as search engine crawlers.

1. Uniqueness play a major role

Search engines like uniqueness. So give your blog post a title and content different from others. Make your content simple, relevant and interesting.

2. Use apt keywords in the title

If a search is made using particular keywords, Google will search the blog title for matching keywords. So these keywords should be included in the title.

3. Use of keywords as categories

Try to use the keywords as your categories so that when a search is made, the results may actually lead to the various categories of your posts.

4. Make the blog post title descriptive

The title of a blog is important because it describes what you are going to tell in your post. It should be short, and also give a basic idea about your entire content. So using a descriptive title is very important to attract your visitors as well as popular search engines.

5. Appropriate use of keywords at the beginning and end of a blog

The first and last 100 words of your blog post are important in generating traffic for your website. So try to use your keywords in the most strategic manner, skillfully including them at the beginning and the end.

6. Use Google insight

Google insight will help you find the best and popular search terms. You can use these terms as keywords in your blog.

7. Use meta description tag

Using Meta description tag is important because it makes it easier for readers to find related posts. The Meta description tag gives a short summary of your page's content. It is to be written as <meta name="description" content=" Short description of the contents of your page.">

8. Avoid using certain symbol characters  in the title

Don’t use symbols such as ♠ ☻ ☺ ∩. However, symbols such as . , : ; + - can be used. Using undesirable symbol characters can bring down your page rank.

9. Include attractive subheadings and subtitles

Always use proper keywords in your subheadings, subtitles and post headings. It will be grabbed by the search engine and enable your site to figure among the top results in search engines.

10. Images play a vital role in your blog posts

Images are a great way of illustrating your ideas. They facilitate search on Google, and provides relief from the monotony of reading. Larger images tend to slow down a website. So try to use catchy and medium-sized images.

You can outsource your blog management to an SEO company that offers service at a reasonable cost. A reputable SEO company has on staff creative writers that can write informative and appealing content for blogs. They will ensure that the blogs written for you bring more targeted visitors to your website, and that you benefit from increased conversions.

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