Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to Recover from Panda Update?

Matt Cutts’ announcements of Google’s upcoming Penguin update and the unconfirmed Panda update at SMX West have been reverberating throughout the SEO world. Whereas the latest Penguin update will be rolled out soon, the Panda update can be more gradual and will no longer be announced. Panda updates have been more frequent than the Penguin ones and the possibility of a 25th update already having been felt has sent shivers down the spine of many webmasters. But there are ways to be prepared for Panda outbreaks.

Since the first Panda update, webmasters have been looking to figure out what online marketing practices the updates affect. A permanent overhaul of your SEO strategy may become essential so that you wouldn’t have to waste your time and energy worrying about Panda updates. Here are few things that Panda specifically targets:

Low Quality Content

One of the Panda’s core targets of penalization is websites with lack of original authored content. There are still pages which do not have much original content. Their pages have nothing but links and advertisements. Others have content purchased from the so-called content farms. For genuine searches, websites with shallow or low quality content are of absolutely no use. We all know that Google’s aim is to provide the ultimate search experience, so it is quite easy to figure this out.                

Duplicated Pages to Targeted Keywords

Duplication of content will not be tolerated by Google. We’re not talking about copied content, but pages within a site that are duplicated for targeting keyword variations. There are other ways your site could have duplicated content too, such as session IDs resulting in a website having identical pages. 

Empty Web Pages
There are a number of reasons a website can end up with a lot of empty web pages. Housekeeping issues as well as internal search issues could result in empty web pages. This is also a factor that could invite Panda penalties against the site.     

Too Many Adverts

Websites with large ad ratio are another target for Panda. If ads overrule content and interfere too much with the user experience, that website is not delivering a good service to the user.

Buying Inbound Links

This is a practice which most webmasters may have already given up on, thanks to Google’s relentless algorithmic innovations, but it is worth mentioning. If you purchase inbound links and indulge in such artificial link building campaigns, Google Panda will most likely spot you. This was once rampantly practiced by websites to generate massive revenue at the expense of user experience and satisfaction.

These are the major Panda updates, webmasters should be aware of. Google Panda targets websites following the entire above explicit or subtle black hat SEO techniques and each update only serves to do the job better. This should give you a reasonable idea of what to expect and keep the fears out of your mind each time rumors of a Panda update surface. But something that can really make your job easier would be outsourcing to an experienced search engine optimization company that has a clearer idea of the bigger picture and has years of experience navigating the tumultuous SEO ocean. If you’re looking to urgently remedy these issues, head straight to professional SEO services.

Friday, 21 June 2013

SEO Benefits From Pinterest

Social networking sites have taken the Internet by storm. The latest in the league is Pinterest.  Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that has also been described as an online pin board. Just like other social media sites, Pinterest has opened up immense possibilities for search engine optimization. Businesses looking to enhance their social media presence for higher SEO ranking can utilize various Pinterest marketing strategies to further their marketing goals.

4 ways Pinterest Can Improve Search Results

Here are some Pinterest marketing tactics that can have immense SEO benefits for your business:
  • People love visual content. Visual content often gets more awareness and provokes more interaction than written content. Whenever an image is pinned, it links back to the original source. This offers great backlinks that can also bring referral traffic to your website. Moreover, users can save the image to different bulletin boards so that it gets shared easily and quickly to boost the online visibility of your website. As Pinterest is also like a social bookmarking site, it is easier to come up with effective marketing tactics to attract traffic for higher conversions and ROI.
  • The 'Pin It' button is great for promoting the visual content you have on your site. This will enhance brand recognition and attract your targeted audience. Pinterest has also added the Follow button to encourage people to follow you on the site.
  • You can involve your loyal customers in your Pinterest marketing campaign by selecting few of your regular customers and create a pinboard especially for their pins. After that ask them to pin images that represent the lifestyle they experience because they use your brand. 
  • You can create a visually appealing page to engage your followers on your website and use it to display content from Pinterest. For instance, Nine West has done this, brought the social media content to its website and increased its reach by including social share buttons which allow visitors to pin directly from this page.
Succeeding in Network Marketing

There are SEO professionals out there who can come up with Internet marketing ideas that you haven’t ever thought of. Find professional SEO Company to handle your social media marketing. Using the right strategies, they can maximize your SEO benefits from your Pinterest marketing campaign.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Role of Local SEO in Website Optimization

All businesses are familiar with the term ‘local SEO’ and its role in optimizing any website for a particular and targeted geographic area. Maximum local exposure is significant for such companies and the right local SEO strategies make this possible. This article provides you with extended information on how to promote your business in the specific location and enhance your sales in that area.

Local SEO Building Blocks

Your website’s layout and content should be user-friendly and well optimized to catch the interest of popular search engines and to make it accessible for visitors. Make sure that your website is content-rich and provides people with the right information about your business. Contact information on your website should be clear and comprehensive allowing customers quick and easy access to the information they need so they can get in touch with you. Website content needs to be fresh and up-to-date and any outdated or incorrect information has to be fixed without delay. Be active on social media by providing and sharing great content and build your presence in local community networks to promote yourself and allow your consumers to promote you.

How to Generate Leads with Local SEO?

A professional local SEO company can provide your business with the right strategies to enhance you local leads, conversions, and sales:

  • Your website is optimized for leading search engines. Your business is listed at Google’s Local Business Center to help your targeted visitors find the locality you want to be seen in. Optimizing your website to enhance your search results in this area will give you a competitive advantage there.
  • How is your business optimized for local search? Keyword research plays an important role in your local SEO campaign. The reason why keyword research is important is because a site seeking to grab much qualified traffic must first know which phrases to focus on to achieve search engine rankings. The service provider performs keyword research to find geo-specific keywords and phrases relevant to your business and area. For instance if you are a physician targeting Tulsa, OK, keywords targeted would be those specifically relevant to the Tulsa area such as ‘doctors in Tulsa’, ‘physicians in Tulsa’, and so on. 
  • Geographic preferences are correctly entered in the Google's Webmaster tool and your website gets submitted in local search engines
  • Rich locality-based content is developed for your website and efforts are made to continually update it with the necessary information.
  • Local SEO strategies would also include link building services and the submission of press releases, articles and blogs.
  • Google Maps is used to generate an HTML embed code and include a location map on your website. This lets Google find you and allows your customers to understand your physical location.
  • Social media optimization is performed so that your business has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media channels. A local business profile is created on Google+ with your local and correct contact info. Conversion rate and metrics analysis are other search engine optimization services.
  • Local mobile SEO solutions are also provided so that your business shows up on mobile phone and tablet searches. Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant that aggregates information from location may be used optimize local search for your business on iPhones and iPads.

Most people use search engines to get info on local businesses. So local search engine optimization is an affordable option for small businesses compared to expensive traditional marketing strategies such as ad campaigns and television and newspaper ads. Choosing the right local SEO company is the key to successful local SEO.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Enhance Online Business with Local SEO

When it comes to online business, you will hear a lot about SEO services and its advantages for a business. In fact, the strategies of SEO are discussed in every forum or area with respect to online businesses. Repairing broken links and obtaining links from other sites are important with regard to the development or progression of an online business. Search engine optimization involves employing different kinds of strategies for creating a lasting impression on the target audience although the effects of these services can be felt only after a certain time. Before reaching the big targets, a business needs to rope in the local clients.

Why Local SEO Is Vital For Small Business?

Local SEO is beneficial in targeting the business clients that exist within a particular geographical area. New and struggling online business owners can hire local SEO firms for employing the techniques that will allow them to know what their position or status is in the region in which they exist rather than in the international market. To enhance local presence, the name of your business should reflect the localities of the state or the city in which you reside rather than the entire country or the international market. A local SEO company can help you to acquire better visibility of your website locally, consequently giving you an increased return on investment.
The techniques of SEO are bound to differ for large businesses when compared to the smaller ones. Whether it is link building or any other significant technique of SEO that is being applied for your business enhancement, the links must be procured from those websites with a strong local presence so that the people are able to identify your services that are available in their city or locality.

If you try to level your SEO work with those companies with a worldwide presence, you will never get the desired benefits; rather you will be lost in a vast sea of uncertainties. Therefore, it is true that local SEO services are excellent for the development of small business entities. After all, you cannot afford to ignore the requirements of your services based on demography because there is a huge population within a particular segment of a city.

On the whole, local SEO attempts to bring into the loop those customers or prospects of your business who are residing in your city. For instance, if you are a local firm offering plumbing services in Nashua, NH, a similar firm in New York may not have any interest in serving the people of that area. Local search engine optimization techniques are not only based on zip codes, but counties as well and allow the customers to partner with a business concern offering the services they are looking for in their geographical region.