Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Three SEO Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

SEO Strategies – Perfect Means to Get Noticed
These days, the competition in online marketing is extremely tough. Hence to move along with the trend of online business marketing and to increase online visibility, your business website should drive high targeted traffic. Search engine optimization is the right technique for generating a great amount of web traffic and ensuring a prosperous business. Even though many practicable SEO strategies are available, let us discuss here about the three main SEO strategies to increase website traffic.

It is not an easy job to convert visitors to potential customers and increase online sales. So think of certain distinctive SEO strategies and then execute them at the right time to gain the results you are looking for.

Three Innovative Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Ranking business websites at top positions on various search engine result pages is considered as one of the major objectives of search engine optimization. This will help to gain great exposure for your products /services and thereby increase the website traffic. Three important SEO strategies to boost website traffic are:

Keyword Research and Content Writing

Selection of appropriate keywords helps to get noticed by major search engines. It is advisable to choose long-tailed competitive keywords related to your business. Then, seamlessly incorporate the relevant number of keywords in the web content to get indexed quickly by the search engines. You can include 3 to 4 keywords to gain constant web traffic.

It is also important to think about attractive webpage structure and design. Then use informative and innovative content to create a pleasant experience. Create a user-friendly website with easy and quick navigation options. Give importance to keyword density to ensure high website traffic. You can integrate images, graphics, videos and audios to make the website more appealing. Moreover, the coding and tagging should be well-organized and structured. Also, make sure to proofread the website content before submission.

Associate with social networking sites

Social networking sites encourage sharing of messages with a large number of people in a short interval. This SEO strategy promotes back linking to your site and thereby increases website traffic. Moreover, popular search engines help in indexing websites to get prioritized at top position in search engine result pages.

Link building

Building backlinks plays a vital role in increasing website traffic. Blogging, guest blog posting, forum participation, article submission in reliable article directories, newsletters and press releases also encourage link building. Through inbound and outbound link building, it is possible to link with more customers.

Get the Support of a Professional SEO Company

A professional SEO company excels in every aspect of professional SEO services. The firm updates its infrastructure and workforce skills according to the changing online marketing scenario. You get to benefit from the major three SEO strategies to increase website traffic by outsourcing the SEO tasks to a organic SEO service provider.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Twitter Doesn’t Help Bring in Much for Small Businesses, Survey Tells

Twitter is perceived as one of the important pieces of the social media marketing campaign pie, but according to small business owners it simply hasn’t worked! A recent survey conducted by Vistage International and The Wall Street Journal has revealed that only a negligible 3% among the 835 surveyed owners of small businesses believed Twitter could help their business.

LinkedIn got the single highest percentage of votes, 41% believing that social network to be potentially advantageous to their business. YouTube was picked up by 16% of the respondents while Facebook was chosen by 14% of the small business owner respondents.

Twitter and Small Businesses

Twitter seems to have quite some work to do and it has nothing to attract them with except its concept of short message sending. Small scale industries constitute a significant chunk of companies in the US and Twitter responds to the survey saying that it is only beginning to canvass its social media worthiness specifically to small scale industries. For search giants such as Google, small businesses are a major source of revenue.

How Facebook Helped a Small Business Owner

The owner of a small business dealing in manufacturing and delivering low calorie meals has been using Twitter and Facebook for three years to market his business. From 2011 he has designated one of his employees to work on social media marketing for 20 hours per week. The plan involved starting health discussions in Facebook and providing health tips and links to health articles in Twitter. In 2012 Facebook managed to become the sixth highest online traffic driver to his website. Twitter has only managed to be the 117th online traffic driver. His company started using Pinterest, the online scrapbook, around four months before and it has already managed to rank 59.

Facebook’s Response and the Kind of Social Networks that Succeed

Facebook naturally nods in approval at results such as these, claiming these are similar to what many other independent surveys on small businesses have proved. While only 4 out of 10 business owners have set apart employees to social media marketing, usually because they don’t have much resources, time and money to research on the most effective social media plans, half of the surveyed small businesses reported spending anywhere from one to five hours a week on social media campaigns. One-third of businesses also reported spending no time. The social networks that deliver quick results are therefore more appropriate for these businesses and LinkedIn and Facebook seem to have emerged favorites.

A Law Consultancy Firm’s Social Networking Experience

The head of a law consultancy firm says that he has devoted two days each week for developing ways to drive traffic to his website since two years and has used LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As a result the website receives 12,000 visitors each month now which is a massive rise from 800 visitors per month in 2011. The revenue he receives from his website has also increased fivefold, he claims. Still Twitter contributes very little to his web revenue.

Twitter maintains that it is only about to embark on an effort to educate business owners on the best ways to use the service and reach potential customers and also informs that around 4.5 million owners of smaller businesses are already employing Twitter though the company has not seriously begun campaigning to them.

Professional SEO companies can help businesses capitalize on the potential of social networking in a cost-effective manner.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Social Media Marketing - Maximize ROI

Social Media Marketing – to Progress with Technology

Small as well as big enterprises have accepted the possibilities of social media marketing to connect with their potential customers for generating high sales leads and profit. In this article, we’ll see how social media marketing helps to maximize ROI. Depending on the results of return on investment (ROI) analysis, it is possible to analyze and optimize social media approaches for promoting brand awareness and business establishment.

Tips to Maximize ROI Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a massive campaigning using various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. This trendy approach helps to gain more website traffic which in turn generates more business. Facebook marketing is a well-accepted online marketing strategy that increases ROI considerably. Brand awareness, global exposure and conversion of sales leads to actual business are real factors that maximize ROI. Moreover, online presence is enhanced by link building with popular websites. There are several ways to maximize ROI using social media marketing. Methods that help to improve the efficiency of your website are:

  • Develop website content that addresses your core business. Content must be dynamic with fresh ideas, graphics, audio, images and videos. Find matching keywords and phrases for search engine optimization. Website must also give options for social sharing and engagement.

  • Take advantage of social media optimization to get connected with loyal customers anywhere at any time.

  • Communicate with potential customers in real time for building a trustworthy community. Encourage loyal clients to share more information about product requirement and market trends. Also find time to share details about product usage and its applications. Highlight customer reviews in the website to reveal your stability and dependability.

  • Submit articles related your business in online directories, and blogs; publish press releases

  • Analyze ROI regularly to know the business progress and change marketing strategies accordingly

  • Social media marketing plans must be organized and incorporated with overall marketing strategies

  • Promote social media advertising, web banners, email marketing, video marketing and pay per click advertisements to target the right audience for converting them to customers

  • Encourage goodies and freebies

Social media listening is an effective way to establish your brand name. This procedure helps to track down various changes in social media marketing, especially to get the demographics of new markets, sales leads, customer relationship, team management and business development.

Depend on Professionals to Harvest the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing provides real benefits only if conceived and implemented through right procedures. Only professional SEO companies with long-term experience and a good track record can deliver results as expected. Such firms have qualified staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide reliable online marketing services within your required turnaround time. They must also have certain qualities such as accuracy, consistency, affordable pricing, confidentiality and good customer support. Social media marketing helps to maximize ROI quickly and effectively when the service is provided by a competent organic SEO service provider.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Importance of an Effective Search Engine Marketing Plan

Search Engine Marketing – Explore New Opportunities

Internet marketing services help to popularize your products / services among potential customers. These services help people conveniently and effortlessly find a wide range of products or services they are looking for. The fortune of a business firm depends a lot on the successful implementation of various search engine marketing techniques. Therefore, an effective SEM plan is very important for every business.
How an Effective Search Engine Marketing Plan Promotes Online Business

In this digital age, if people wish to have a product or service, they immediately go for an internet search. Thus it is viable to explore the benefits of search engine marketing to increase online presence and reach the targeted audience. Through effective plans, your business website can be placed at a high ranking position in search engine results.

Search engine optimization of your website is the prime technique to update customers about what you are offering. SEO process includes some key search engine algorithms such as:
  • Keyword research
  • Informative and dynamic content writing
  • Appropriate tagging, coding and indexing of webpage
  • Tracking the final output effectively
  • Link building
  • Pay Per Click campaign management
  • Establish trustworthy customer relationships
  • Regular content updating
  • Blog posting

Innovative techniques are devised to ensure fruitful affordable online marketing of your business website. Here are some significant benefits you can gain.
  • Get your business website a high search engine ranking
  • Increase internet visibility and improve website traffic
  • Target and attract interested and loyal visitors
  • Enhance brand power
  • Improve business coverage around the globe through social networking sites
  • Expand trading area
  • Increase sales leads and conversions
  • Make customers aware about your promotional and discount offers
  • More effective than local advertisements and banners. Effective search engine marketing helps to reach a large audience.
  • Effective cost savings for business entrepreneurs

Go for Professional Search Engine Marketing Services

SEM is highly effective at every stage of your online business. Professional SEO companies with good knowledge in SEO provide affordable online marketing services. Try to find an experienced firm with a good track record, infrastructure and skilled workforce. Their professional enterprise helps them track the latest developments in internet marketing to provide value-added services. Moreover, you can be assured of quality work completed in a timely manner with great privacy and precision. Hence never underestimate the importance of an effective search engine marketing plan while going ahead with your online business.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

In- house SEO and Outside SEO – Know the Difference

Search Engine Optimization – a Proven Strategy for Online Business

Social media marketing has turned out to be the newest trend in marketing products or services with less effort and investment. However, to reap the best out of internet marketing, certain online strategies have to be considered and implemented at the right time. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one such internet marketing technique that will help position your website in top search engine result pages. High ranking of websites in search engines also ensure great traffic and enhanced sales. SEO services can be done in two ways namely in-house SEO and outside SEO. A professional approach is necessary to bring your business website into the limelight. To make a right decision about SEO services, you need to know the difference between in-house SEO and outside SEO.

In-house SEO versus Outsourced SEO

Though there are some advantages of having an in-house expert do the optimization process, outsourcing is always more cost-effective and hassle free.

SEO experts within your company can understand everything about your business, risk factors and market trends. So these experts can take quick decisions according to the changing situation. On the other hand, if you outsource SEO services to an agency, the firm may take some time to clearly understand the nuances of your business. In-house SEO experts work exclusively for your company to deliver good output. An SEO firm may be handling SEO jobs for different firms. However, there are definite benefits of outsourcing.

  • In in-house SEO services, you can get the service or expertise of only a few employees. But in outsourced SEO services you can take advantage of the team effort of experienced SEO professionals. Professional SEO companies maintain the latest infrastructure, software and SEO techniques to deliver the best results in time. They also keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the field.

  • To set up an in-house SEO service you need to invest a lot of money and time. However, in the case of outsourced SEO, there is no need to bother about overhead charges for infrastructure setup/maintenance, recruitment costs, employment benefits and other hidden costs.

One way or another, SEO outsourcing always helps your business to have an edge over competitors. A professional SEO company in Tulsa helps you to focus on core business, share business risks, enhance workforce flexibility, deliver quality output and manage tasks efficiently. Round-the-clock customer and technical support is an added advantage of SEO outsourcing.
How to Choose a Professional SEO Company

Selecting a reliable Tulsa SEO company can be a great challenge. Some factors to be considered before hiring a professional SEO company are:
  • Experience and previous work history
  • Know the technical skills of workforce
  • Infrastructure
  • Select a firm that can provide good work with great accuracy. Moreover, confirm details about data handling and its security.
  • Insist on timely delivery of project
  • Affordable pricing
  • Opportunity to check the progress of the work done

Thus, know the difference of in-house SEO or outside SEO to scale your business operations cost-effectively and successfully.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Can Anchor Text Ever Get Irrelevant?

The SEO industry is always filled with surprises, some of which are more shocking than others. But along with these challenges are rumors that spread through the industry, based on wild guesses or short-sighted observations about the seemingly unexpected changes that take place whenever an algorithmic update is launched by Google.   

Poor Anchor Text Diversity Penalized

One popular rumor is that anchor text is no longer relevant. The origin of this idea was the Google Penguin algorithmic update of April 2012. While the Penguin update was initially categorized as a move by Google to penalize over-optimization, it was then observed to impact websites that did not have good diversity in that they were employing the exact same link text again and again in links that point back to the site. This was something that Google’s couldn’t accept as it was an indication that rankings were being fabricated with the same keyword again and again in a link text from some external website.  

Linking With Target Keyword

Search engine optimization experts and webmasters have discovered that linking to one website with the target keyword forming the anchor text would give Google an indication about the content of the website which would also affect the rankings for that keyword phrase directly. However, Google modified its algorithm to detect a disproportionate number of matching anchor text links pointing to a website as unnatural. Google worked to ensure that such websites are penalized, or at least, not rewarded. Google’s algorithm changes fueled predictions about a collapse of SEO.

Countering the Issue

But all problems have a solution. Google wants natural linking. So the answer lies in diversifying while ensuring naturalness. This could prevent your site from being penalized. Here are some ways to go about this: 

A natural, straightforward method would be to place your URL as the anchor text. You can also use your brand name as the link text - another natural method. In some cases, it would work to create a version that is unassuming, such as one that does not contain a keyword. Another somewhat cheeky technique would be to position your keyword phrase close to one of your website links. The same long-tail version should not be used much. 

Seek the Assistance of Experienced SEO Services

Shuffling these strategies should provide the desired results. If you’re in the dark about the links that are currently pointing towards your site and the anchor text they contain, it is highly advisable to do some research on your link portfolio. This would require quite some effort and time. The ideal solution would be to seek SEO services that include link building solutions and keyword research. The right SEO company can provide effective and affordable link building services using innovative resources and tools. 

An experienced SEO company can minimize the effect of nasty surprises that can drastically affect your rankings or earnings. Professional SEO services can think ahead of the competition, anticipate the impact of algorithmic updates, and shield their clients from factors that can affect their search result ranking. The experience and innovation of a genuine SEO company are vital assets for your business.         

Friday, 15 March 2013

Search Engine Optimization - To Keep Your Website Vibrant

Search engine optimization is an internet technique that helps your website to rank high in search engine result pages. In order to grab a coveted position, you need to implement certain SEO techniques professionally while designing the website. SEO services help to provide global exposure for your products and services, reach millions of potential customers and accelerate sales leads and profitability. Search engine optimization can keep your website vibrant only if SEO techniques are conceived and executed according to the SEO standards and tactics.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Keep Your Website Lively

Follow SEO guidelines to design search engine friendly websites and establish your business and brand name. Following the SEO strategies listed below can make your website lively.

  • Efficient keyword research – Find the popular and competitive keywords that match with your business.  Use long tail keywords as they are often targeted by search engines.

  • Unique and dynamic content – Use refreshing and informative content to introduce your products or services flawlessly. Write only true facts about your business for attracting more visitors to your site and turning them into potential customers.

  • Update the content regularly – To keep the website fresh, always update the content with innovative thoughts, graphics, images and videos.

  • Submission of website to online directories – Increase link popularity by submitting your website to online directories. More people will link back to your website thus increasing website traffic and liveliness. You can also submit articles in popular article directories; publish blogs, press releases and newsletters to build brand acquaintance.

  • Friendly URLs – Try to create a URL which can reveal the identity of your business.

  • Include relevant title tags and Meta tags – Creating appropriate title tags and Meta tags helps search engines to identify your website easily, which in turn will help to increase your website rankings.

  • Easy navigation option – Structuring of web pages with easy navigation system allows search engines to index all pages quickly. Also, give importance to coding and heading tags to make the website search engine friendly. Users also love easy navigation process that ensures quick access.

  • Utilize social media marketing – Link your website with social media networking sites to interact with thousands of people within a short interval. Your products or services get word of mouth publicity through social media sites. This SEO technique also allows people to interact and discuss about your business and their experiences.  You can also enter into online conversations with potential customers, gather customer feedback and reviews and respond to them on time. Social media marketing allows community building to increase your social presence.

  • Start blogging – Blogs with fresh content attract more users. You can read and comment on other blogs to interact with people and get more links.

  • Link building – Build inbound links logically with popular sites to improve your position in search engines. Inbound as well as outbound links play a vital role in keeping your website vibrant.

SEO - Professionalism Is Always of Worth

A professional SEO company works with its clients to deliver the kind of results they desire. Such firms also utilize state-of-the-art techniques to solve issues related to SEO. Moreover, the highly qualified workforce makes each project a success with great precision, consistency and security. So, join hands with a professional company for search engine optimization that will help to keep your website vibrant.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

SEO Friendly Content and Its Importance

SEO content writing, also known as SEO copywriting is essential for a web page to rank well in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. High ranking will help you get more and more organic traffic. Search engine optimization services include creating web content that is search engine friendly, but at the same time appealing to human visitors. 

Search engines usually work on sophisticated software (SEO bots) that scales the web content from top to bottom and tags the content as relevant only when it meets certain criteria. So, it is necessary to write content that is relevant to the topic rather than making the content too mechanical, focusing only on optimization.

The two major things that one should consider while providing SEO content writing services are:

  • Usage of target keywords
  • Quality of the content

SEO keywords are those keywords and phrases in your web content that allow people to easily find your website via search engines. It is the best way to generate traffic to your website. Quality of the content adds value to your website. Quality content ensures that your potential customers get interesting content to read. Here are a few important things you must take into account when writing SEO content.

Tips on SEO Content Writing 

Always write relevant content:  Try to incorporate relevant content on your web page. Write quality content that is reliable, unique and original. Search engine bots can easily recognize it when a page deviates from the topic. If you try to fool search engines with irrelevant content, it will eventually lead to your website getting banned. Always keep the content short and simple.

Strategic positioning of keywords:  A text having denser keyword placement at the top is regarded as optimized content. Target keyword repetition in a natural manner will help your web page attain better search engine ranking positions. Always remember not to stuff the page with keywords because it would affect you adversely.

Use bulleted lists instead of writing in paragraphs: Lists grab attention more easily than lengthy paragraphs.

Include title and subheadings: Title and subheadings play a key role in increasing the page ranking. The chances of your content getting read by visitors are more if you include title as well as subheading in the web content.

Include conclusion and proofread your pages: Try to include a concluding paragraph, so that your page looks more professional. Always proofread your content before publishing it.

SEO content writing requires considerable expertise and effort. Today, a wide range of BPO companies are there to offer SEO content writing services. Choose one that best suits your needs.