Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Foursquare’s Novel Strategies Spur Aggressive Organic Traffic

Foursquare, the web and mobile application that lets your friends know where you are and figure out where they are, recently revamped its homepage by adding a search box. With Foursquare’s organic traffic growing aggressively, industry watchers were curious as to what the company’s new SEO strategy was. Imagine their surprise when they discovered there was none!

What’s the secret behind Foursquare’s SEO performance? Experts say it’s the company’s ‘self-serve’ pages for business. This feature allows businesses to create their own Foursquare pages where they can provide tips and check-ins for users. The increasing use of mobile applications, growth of check-ins and restaurant menus, and the expansion of Foursquare provided the company with a massive SEO boost. The site feeds millions of URLs to search engines.

Just how is this accomplished? SEO specialists say that Foursquare’s site architecture differs from the traditional and that it’s this novel feature that is spurring its SEO growth. While the homepage of most businesses have many links, Foursquare’s doesn’t have any. Instead, Foursquare’s SEO is based on XML sitemaps for accessibility and these sitemaps feed millions of URLs to search engines. So it’s the separation of Foursquare’s home page from rest of the site link-wise that is doing the trick.

The success of Foursquare’s SEO obviously doesn’t depend on site optimization to the maximum extent. Instead, Foursquare succeeded because it focused on building a popular brand and getting users to create their own distinctive content.

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