Monday, 11 February 2013

Relevant Questions to Ask SEO Companies

Today, lots of upstart SEO companies flourish in online marketing. So, you are hard put to find a suitable SEO company to do ethical, effective search engine optimization services for your website. You need to ask several questions to an SEO company before hiring them. You have to ascertain important points such as if the company will deliver what you want and what their price is like. It is advisable that apart from asking general questions, you also ask for information on the various aspects of their services.  You better ask them questions such as what search engines they target, their mode of traffic enhancement, their content management system, their linking methods, and their reporting and traffic measurement system. Here are few relevant questions that you should ask SEO companies to decide if they are the right team for you.

Important General Questions to be Asked
  •  How long have they been specializing in the SEO services?
  •  How many successful SEO clients and portals do they have?
  • Do they have long-term satisfied clients?
  • What are the services they provide?
  • What are their professionals and logistics like?
  • What background technical expertise do they have?
  •  Do they have detailed case studies to prove their worth?
  • How do they measure your overall Return On Investment (ROI)?
  • Do they provide local SEO services?

Ask for Search Engine–Related Information

In addition, you should also seek information related to search engines: 
  • What search engines do they optimize you on?
  • What percentage of their clients do they bring to number one on Google?
  • Do they give you any assurance on your Google ranking?
  • Do they adhere to search engines’ proclaimed practices and stick on to the strict no-spam policies to avoid your website being punished?
  • What will they base their keyword recommendations on?

Seek Details of Web Traffic Enhancement

It is highly advisable that you ask for information on their traffic-related services:
  • What web traffic promises do they offer for your site?
  • Do they make a difference between ‘traffic’ and ‘qualified traffic’?
  • What methods will they adopt to increase traffic?
  • How do they measure and monitor your web traffic?

Ask about their Content Modification Strategies

You should also learn as much as possible about their SEO content management system:
  • Will they develop content for your site on a regular basis?
  •  Who will write the content and how?
  • How often will they update your site with new optimization?
  • Will they add new pages, or possibly restructure your navigation to make it more visible?
  • What keyword density do they use in 100 words of one of your web pages?

Gather Details of their Linking Practices

There are a number of things you need to know about their link-management:
  • Will they modify your web page coding or will they just be altering meta tags? 
  • How many web pages will they optimize on your site?
  • Do they employ the strategy of pay-per-click advertising?
  • Where do they buy links for you from?

Seek Details of their Traffic Measurement and Reporting

Also ask questions to elicit information on their traffic measurement and reporting system:
  • Will they do an analysis of your competitor websites to learn why they rank high?
  • What kind of reports will they provide you and how often will they send the reports?
  • How often do they send you a performance report?

Beware of SEO's that guarantee you top-rankings!

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