Friday, 11 April 2014

Top 8 Tools for Optimizing Mobile Websites: Checking Accuracy in Coding and Compatibility with Browsers

Optimizing websites for mobile devices is immensely important since mobile search contributes to a large chunk of online traffic. This surge is only bound to keep increasing which is why businesses need to ensure that their websites function in a user-friendly and efficient manner on the mobile phone.

In-depth Testing with MobiReady

MobiReady is one such testing tool. It checks mobile-readiness such as W3C compliance through best standards and practices and offers a 1 to 5 score. It also provides in-depth page analysis for determining your site's performance on mobile devices. Another plus point is that it's free.

Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud Platform

Perfecto Mobile has a MobileCloud platform which can help you access many tablets and handsets that are connected to various mobile live networks spread in various geo-locations. You can monitor and test processes on each of the handsets which will help ensure the compatibility of your website as well as your application or service. It costs $25 per hour if you are paying per project. When you pay on a monthly basis the plans begin at $15 per hour.

Mobile Readiness Checked by Gomez

Gomez features a test that evaluates your website's mobile readiness. You can secure a score after analyzing more than 30 web mobile development best practices. These also include in-depth suggestions on fixing the identified issues. This is a great tool you can use for free. All you need to do is submit the contact information.

Free Spot-checking with DeviceAnywhere

If you're looking for a free spot-checking tool, DeviceAnywhere is a great one. It helps spot-check web mobile content on mobile devices. You can remotely interact in real time with live mobile devices to know how your web content appears and behaves in various devices. The spot-checking aspect of DeviceAnywhere is free though it does have an exciting option of interactive testing that has been created for developers and comes with plans beginning at $100 per month.

Test Browser Compatibility with CrossBrowser Testing

With CrossBrowserTesting you can test your website in more than 130 browsers on 25 various operating systems and mobile devices, which means you can test for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. You get automated site screenshots and also the functionality of a test site. The plans begin at $29.95 per month.

Multi-Browser Viewer

As the name suggests, Multi-Browser Viewer is an application that checks the cross-browser compatibility of your website for mobile devices. There are 55 standalone and 88 screen capture browsers as well as 11 mobile emulators and browsers featured. Multi-Browser Viewer is available with a single user license for $139.95.

BrowserStack - Much for Less

For plans starting at $19 per month, BrowserStack provides web browser testing quick access to developer tools, live testing and remote browsers. You can also get access to official Android, Opera Mobile and Apple iOS mobile emulators. BrowserStack is really a great tool that can test your website on a wide array of devices.

iPhone Tester - Free iPhone Emulator

iPhone Tester is a free and simple iPhone emulator which enables you to check your website in iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and 4G dimensions. All you need to do is type in the URL of the website to be tested.

A professional SEO company can design websites that are mobile compliant and bring maximum targeted visitors. SEO professionals use highly sophisticated tools to test mobile compliance of your website and ensure improved mobile performance.

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