Monday, 18 March 2013

Can Anchor Text Ever Get Irrelevant?

The SEO industry is always filled with surprises, some of which are more shocking than others. But along with these challenges are rumors that spread through the industry, based on wild guesses or short-sighted observations about the seemingly unexpected changes that take place whenever an algorithmic update is launched by Google.   

Poor Anchor Text Diversity Penalized

One popular rumor is that anchor text is no longer relevant. The origin of this idea was the Google Penguin algorithmic update of April 2012. While the Penguin update was initially categorized as a move by Google to penalize over-optimization, it was then observed to impact websites that did not have good diversity in that they were employing the exact same link text again and again in links that point back to the site. This was something that Google’s couldn’t accept as it was an indication that rankings were being fabricated with the same keyword again and again in a link text from some external website.  

Linking With Target Keyword

Search engine optimization experts and webmasters have discovered that linking to one website with the target keyword forming the anchor text would give Google an indication about the content of the website which would also affect the rankings for that keyword phrase directly. However, Google modified its algorithm to detect a disproportionate number of matching anchor text links pointing to a website as unnatural. Google worked to ensure that such websites are penalized, or at least, not rewarded. Google’s algorithm changes fueled predictions about a collapse of SEO.

Countering the Issue

But all problems have a solution. Google wants natural linking. So the answer lies in diversifying while ensuring naturalness. This could prevent your site from being penalized. Here are some ways to go about this: 

A natural, straightforward method would be to place your URL as the anchor text. You can also use your brand name as the link text - another natural method. In some cases, it would work to create a version that is unassuming, such as one that does not contain a keyword. Another somewhat cheeky technique would be to position your keyword phrase close to one of your website links. The same long-tail version should not be used much. 

Seek the Assistance of Experienced SEO Services

Shuffling these strategies should provide the desired results. If you’re in the dark about the links that are currently pointing towards your site and the anchor text they contain, it is highly advisable to do some research on your link portfolio. This would require quite some effort and time. The ideal solution would be to seek SEO services that include link building solutions and keyword research. The right SEO company can provide effective and affordable link building services using innovative resources and tools. 

An experienced SEO company can minimize the effect of nasty surprises that can drastically affect your rankings or earnings. Professional SEO services can think ahead of the competition, anticipate the impact of algorithmic updates, and shield their clients from factors that can affect their search result ranking. The experience and innovation of a genuine SEO company are vital assets for your business.         

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