Tuesday, 12 March 2013

SEO Friendly Content and Its Importance

SEO content writing, also known as SEO copywriting is essential for a web page to rank well in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. High ranking will help you get more and more organic traffic. Search engine optimization services include creating web content that is search engine friendly, but at the same time appealing to human visitors. 

Search engines usually work on sophisticated software (SEO bots) that scales the web content from top to bottom and tags the content as relevant only when it meets certain criteria. So, it is necessary to write content that is relevant to the topic rather than making the content too mechanical, focusing only on optimization.

The two major things that one should consider while providing SEO content writing services are:

  • Usage of target keywords
  • Quality of the content

SEO keywords are those keywords and phrases in your web content that allow people to easily find your website via search engines. It is the best way to generate traffic to your website. Quality of the content adds value to your website. Quality content ensures that your potential customers get interesting content to read. Here are a few important things you must take into account when writing SEO content.

Tips on SEO Content Writing 

Always write relevant content:  Try to incorporate relevant content on your web page. Write quality content that is reliable, unique and original. Search engine bots can easily recognize it when a page deviates from the topic. If you try to fool search engines with irrelevant content, it will eventually lead to your website getting banned. Always keep the content short and simple.

Strategic positioning of keywords:  A text having denser keyword placement at the top is regarded as optimized content. Target keyword repetition in a natural manner will help your web page attain better search engine ranking positions. Always remember not to stuff the page with keywords because it would affect you adversely.

Use bulleted lists instead of writing in paragraphs: Lists grab attention more easily than lengthy paragraphs.

Include title and subheadings: Title and subheadings play a key role in increasing the page ranking. The chances of your content getting read by visitors are more if you include title as well as subheading in the web content.

Include conclusion and proofread your pages: Try to include a concluding paragraph, so that your page looks more professional. Always proofread your content before publishing it.

SEO content writing requires considerable expertise and effort. Today, a wide range of BPO companies are there to offer SEO content writing services. Choose one that best suits your needs.


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