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Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization

Most people now use their mobile phones to browse online. Users can now get connected to the Web from wherever they are and whenever they want with just a few clicks. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, businesses are looking to provide users with an optimal browsing experience on their smart phones and tablets. Having a mobile optimized site means smartphone users are automatically redirected to a URL that is a separate version of your site that has been designed to display well on smart phones. Only sites that are mobile-optimized will display on Google search results on a mobile device.

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8 Benefits of Mobile Website Optimization

Research suggests that about 25 - 30% web traffic comes from mobile devices. As per recent studies, mobile users are 51% more likely to get engaged with an online business if it has a mobile website. Here are the main advantages of mobile search engine optimization

  • Improved User Experience - A professional SEO company can create a mobile website design which offers the best experience for users and satisfaction with quick accessibility. It is important for companies to develop strategies which shape mobile user experience in terms of functionality, content and marketing, context, design and user input. A mobile website specifically designed hand-held devices enhances user experience, there by building a positive impression about the business.

  • Builds Brand Identity - A mobile SEO website platform helps your organization to stand out and build an individual identity. A fully optimized mobile website shows that the company is up-to-date with the latest technologies in the market.

  • Increased Download Speed - It is important to create mobile websites in accordance to the specific mobile standards and optimum loading speed. This results in less waiting time and more browsing options for users. 

  • Responsive Website Design - There are many different types of smartphones. Leading SEO companies can provide responsive website design to allow your website to automatically change to fit the device it is displayed on.

  • Portability and Connectivity - Mobile website optimization helps a user to access a company website from anywhere at any time. Hence, a constant connectivity provides a new opportunity to reach the target audiences at any time. 

  • Higher Search Engine Performance - Mobile SEO services can help a website to gain higher rankings in mobile search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.

  • Better User Engagement - As part of mobile website optimization, users can easily get engaged with mobile-related specifications such as mobile couponing, click-to-call, social media sharing, mapping and more. In case of a small local business, users can very easily locate its website by using location-aware technology. This technology connects users to the website provided they are within the direct geographic location.

  • Competitive Advantage - It is very important to create a unique mobile website design to stand out different among other competitors. A proper mobile website design should be able to capture the immediate attention of smartphone users and encourage them to stay longer on the site.

Google recognizes smartphone users as an important and expanding segment of Internet users, and wants them to "experience the full richness of the web". Accordingly, Google recently published their recommendations and common configuration errors on smartphone optimized websites so that businesses can avoid them. Relying on a professional mobile SEO service provider can ensure compatibility and a great user browsing experience.

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