Sunday, 28 April 2013

Penguin and Panda Keep Attacking, but Good SEO Still Wins

Webmasters cannot insulate themselves from algorithmic changes. Google is one of those major search engines that are relentless in its pursuit of supposedly punishing low quality websites.

The Difference between Penguin and Panda Launches

While it publicly announces any new updates to its Penguin algorithm, it has recently stated that its Panda rollouts will be more gradual as a result of which it would not mention them. Webmasters would have to figure out if a Panda algorithm has been launched and take the necessary measures. Trouble is, they can only figure out Panda strikes when their websites have been experiencing dips in rankings and subsequently earnings.

The fact that Google is more open with its Penguin updates doesn’t make matters too simple. Webmasters still have to keep their eyes and ears open for their SERP performances as well as rumours circulating in the various webmaster forums about any strange behavior in the search rankings. Doing a good SEO job should work though and keep you from worrying about rude shocks.

A Winning Website

Ultimately what works is not content overstuffed with keywords or artifical means of generating links – you can be sure that all of these will be penalized big time. The most important thing is to ensure that your website scores high in userfriendliness on all counts, be it quick page loading or useful and attention grabbing content.Your website must be able to garner user interest naturally or, in other words, must be the result of a job well done.

All the elements of your website must gel efficiently:

  • Your content must be spot on
  • Your graphics should be catchy but not superfluous so as to interfere with the content placement or make the website too slow to load
  • Your social sharing options must be clearly exhibited
  • Your social media marketing must be effectively taken care of which means that your website or business should capitalize on the potential of social networking to its maximum, and
  • Your website should not generate links artificially or possess inbound links from low quality sites and link farms

If these factors are ensured, ecommerce webmasters and other website owners really need not shudder at the prospect of Google working hard. 

Can You Hit Trouble Even if You Do a Good Job

However there have been occasions when seemingly quality sites have been punished by Google’s algorithmic updates. This has been cause of concern each time an update is rolled out. Businesses are therefore worried whether their site could be one of those innocent victims. However it is important to note that this phenomenon is largely an exception rather than an unfailing trend. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded because Google ultimately wants its users or searchers to get the best results, something which was not always a reality but is definitely what Google if fast progressing towards.

Professional SEO Services Can Make the Difference

Webmasters can ensure that they are on a winning path along with Google’s quest to perfection if they have the assistance of outsourced professional SEO services provided by experienced SEO companies. They are worthy partners to have since they can navigate through the complicated maze of search engine and Internet presence management and get your website the calls to action and earnings it deserves. So seek professional assistance, make your website smart and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

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