Monday, 30 December 2013

Bing Images vs Google Images - Which Is Better?

Google is acknowledged as the leading search engine that has outranked its main competitors Yahoo and Bing. To maintain its lead, Google always tries to revamp its search results with the aim of simplifying search to its users and the search engine giant has been successful at every step. However, now Bing which is a product of Microsoft, has recently posted a blog on its official site claiming that its revamped image search is better than Google. According to Microsoft's Meenaz Merchant, Senior Program Manager at Bing, "every day Bing receives millions of searches from across the Web, and nearly 10 percent of those searches are for images. With 40 percent of search results including some kind of visual component, we know that people are more likely to click on a web page that includes images or videos".

Google Image Search

Bing Image Search

Professionals in the search engine optimization industry have long known the benefits of using image search engines such as Google and Bing image search to attract traffic to target websites. Many SEO experts recommend that marketers and advertisers can use Bing's revamped image search for implementing online marketing campaigns. In that blog post, Merchant explained in detail about the various techniques involved in revamping Bing's image search to beat Google.

  • Entity Understanding - According to Merchant, Bing focuses on delivering results based on a user's real intention of what he is looking for. For example, when you search for the image of Brad Pitt in Google, you will get images of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together as a couple mostly. But in Bing you will get mostly Brad Pitt's images thus interpreting the entity in a different way.

  • Computer Vision Technologies - Bing utilizes computer vision technologies such as deep learning. Bing can interpret high dimensional data from the real scenario to understand the image better so that the user is provided with more accurate results.

  • Image Quality - Bing says that its algorithm chooses high quality images so that users don't have to click through multiple web pages to get top quality images. 

  • Identifying Copy Cats - Bing says that its revamped image search can identify exact duplicate and near duplicate images, which are filtered out of their search results.

You can go through Bing's official blog post for more information about this search engine's revamped image search. If you want to utilize image search to attract targeted traffic to your site, professional assistance is available from a reliable SEO company that is up to date with recent SEO developments and can offer customized solutions according to your specific needs.

Article SourceBing Claims its Image Search is Superior to that of Google

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