Monday, 16 December 2013

How to Increase Blog Traffic - 8 Ways

Blogging Tips
The main reason why people visit a blog is to locate the information they lack. Self-serving posts are not going to benefit you in the long run. As long as the content is not genuine, no one is going to get benefited from your post. Here are eight ways in which you can create appealing blog content and get more people to read it.

  1. Create Attractive and Compelling Posts

    When you write a blog post, ensure that the information provided is genuine and that you have presented it in a unique way. Embed interesting videos into your posts, which will enhance the integrity of your content as people get to see what is mentioned on the post. Also, create infographics and add them into your blog. As images attract people more than plain text, you can get more readers by including infographics. Moreover, it can easily convey the concepts and ideas explained in the posts to the reader so that they can imbibe them quickly. If you add the infographics in a blog post, readers can easily understand the update.

  2. Give More Focus to Blog Tutorials

    Of course, fresh content can drive traffic to your blog. But if you post boring subjects every week, they are not going to attract the readers. People always need solid information that can help them in their daily life. The best option is to create a series of unique and relevant blog tutorials. Suppose you own a technical blog. Even though people would be eager to know about the latest technological developments, they would be more interested to know how they can use them in their life. Posts like how to root a Smartphone, how to install some software in a laptop, and such other useful content can drive the attention of more tech savvy people. 
  3. Use Social Media Accounts for Blog Promotion

    Like any other product, your blog posts also need promotion. The best way to promote your blog posts is through social media accounts as it connects to a large circle of people. To promote your content, just sign into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media account and post the link to your blog posts there. You can post the link to the blog post on your Facebook account.

    Your friends and followers will see this link and are likely to share it. If they share the links, their friends and followers can view this link. In this way, the link will be circulated among a large number of people and drive more traffic to your blog post. 

  4. Prompt Readers to Share Blog Posts

    You can encourage your readers to share your blog posts and thereby attract their acquaintances to your content. Set up call to actions at the end of the blog posts to prompt the readers to share the links to your post. For example, you can leave a comment section at the end of the post.

    Once your readers post the comments, their friends and followers can view the comment along with the link to your blog post.

    You can place social share buttons with the blog posts. When the readers click on any of these buttons, they can share the link to the blog posts on corresponding social media accounts.

  5. Place Useful Resources in Your Blog

    By providing useful resources into your blog, you can convert your blog visitors into readers. You can share free downloadable eBook, podcast, whitepaper, market report and more.

    Another good option is to share links to resources in other sites. When you share resources with readers, they will join your mailing list so that they can share the link to your posts with others.

  6. Maintain a Positive Attitude towards Readers

    You should remain pleasant and approachable to your readers so that you can easily connect with them and establish long-term relationships. Better interaction with readers can help to make your blogs interesting. If you maintain a positive attitude, readers will associate with you and recommend your blog to their acquaintances.

  7. Optimize Blog Posts for Search Engines

    Majority of people find links to the blogs that interest them through popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. So you need to also optimize the blog posts for search engines to increase the blog traffic. Learn how the latest search engine algorithms rank blogs and optimize your content accordingly. For example, in the case of Google's latest Penguin update, you need to avoid irrelevant inbound links, link spamming and article spinning to gain better ranking for your blog.

  8. Write Outstanding Guest Posts for Other Blogs

    You can build a relationship with a new group of readers by writing outstanding guest posts in other blogs. When you write more and more posts, you will have more influence among those readers. Once you gain large readerships there, you can easily encourage them to read the posts in your blog. In this way, you can drive more traffic to your blog.
You can get the required support from a professional SEO company if you want to implement these strategies. They can provide you with reliable blog marketing and SEO services according to your requirements and budget.

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