Friday, 28 March 2014

Some Ways to Gain the Right Online Exposure with SEO

For any business, it is crucial to create a robust online presence and ensure easy accessibility to targeted visitors. The more useful a website is to the user, the better it will perform in SERPs. SEO is an investment that will help you gain excellent online exposure. On-page and off-page SEO strategies, when implemented properly can do wonders for your business. It would be wise to implement a strategy that uses both SEO and SEM together.

How to Get Maximum Online Exposure with SEO

Let us discuss this with an example. Imagine that you run an elevator & lift company that serves the areas - New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Your main goal would be to enhance the online visibility of your business website. Here are certain SEO tips to help you out.

Make your website user-friendly: Create a uniquely designed website with easily navigable pages. Make sure not to load your website with too many heavy images. This may increase the loading time, prompting the visitor to move to your competitor's website. Remember to add a call to action or a quick contact form in each page you create.
Choose the right domain name: Having a relevant internet address is essential in terms of brand recognition and is a vital part of a successful optimization plan. A simple domain name related to your business or targeted keyword such as "" or "" is ideal since it makes it easy for a searcher to simply type the business name into a browser to find your company. Even thought this helps it is not necessary. Exact Match Domain is no longer valuable. Nowadays getting domains like that are difficult. Search Engines are no longer interested in an exact name but to make sure your brand is well established in your domain name.

Do your keyword research: SEO begins with the words typed in the search box. It is crucial to rank for the right keywords. Make sure to pick less competitive, geo-targeted long tail keywords specific to your business. This can attract the right kind of visitors to your website. Choose the keywords that your prospects may type in to find you such as "Home elevators NY, NJ, CT" or "Multilift Vertical Platform Lift NYC".

Advanced keyword research tools such as Google AdWords tool, Wordtracker and Market Samurai can be used to find targeted keywords.

Create engaging content: Create fresh content for web pages, articles, blogs and newsletters that will engage your current and potential clients and educate them on the advantages of quality elevators and lifts and why your company is their best choice. Make sure your content is unique with the right keyword density, adhering to the latest Google algorithms.

Optimize your title tags and meta description: A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. Title tags should be descriptive and readable. Often visitors go for the easier option of reading the meta tag and description to know about your site, rather than opening the site and reading the entire content.

Get quality back links: Growing the link profile of your website is critical to gain attention and traffic from search engines. It is also important to get quality links from relevant websites related to your business. Your link building campaigns can include sharing guest posts, testimonials, case studies and RSS feeds. Ensure to include keyword-rich anchor text.

Be active on social media sites: Social media presence can generate awareness of your elevators / lifts and brand, and help you reach the millions of users on social media platforms. Make sure to regularly update your social media profiles, and share interesting content / videos that can persuade more buyers to contact you via social media.

Go mobile: Mobile optimized website is a necessity now with more and more people using Smartphones and tablets to search for businesses. The mobile version of your site is in fact a smaller version of your existing website with a more simplistic design. Make sure your location is "findable" to mobile searchers.

Track the progress of your website. Use Google analytics to keep a close eye on your visitors' activity and to identify the sources of your traffic.

Have you got enough time for all these SEO efforts along with managing your core business? Most businesses do not. Then the option would be to outsource your SEO tasks to an experienced SEO company. Staying constantly abreast with all Google updates and changes, skilled SEO specialists at reliable firms ensure comprehensive services at affordable rates.

Article Source:- How to Maximize Your Online Exposure Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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