Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Study Reveals Quick Twitter Responses Work Wonders

Skeptical about the importance of Twitter marketing? The following survey would clear your doubts.

Immediate Response to Tweets Demanded by Customers

A recent study by Millward Brown Digital for Lithium gives fascinating insight into how businesses should carry out Twitter marketing and customer care. The findings revealed that 53% of the consumers expect the business to respond to a direct tweet to it, or one involving its products or services, before an hour passes. 72% of consumers expect the same if the tweet deals with a complaint about the business or its products. The survey was conducted on 501 consumers who claimed to be active communicators with businesses on Twitter.

The study also showed how important responding quickly to tweets is. It is where businesses can build their reputation. 38% of the respondents revealed that they would feel negative about a business or brand if it failed to respond to a tweet promptly, while 60% of them claimed that they would even take negative action against the brand if it failed to respond to tweets within a reasonable time period. The reason why a tweet was made determines the urgency in response expected by customers.

Greater Sway over Customers with Prompt Response

The study also revealed that brands promptly responding to tweets were able to get more positive reactions from the consumers. 47% of the respondents revealed that it was likelier for them to recommend a brand that responded promptly to tweets. 34% of them were more likely to buy more stuff from such brands.

If anything, this survey only shows how businesses need to embrace Twitter marketing. All social media marketing is massively beneficial but Twitter, as proved, has the capacity to enable businesses to directly influence and impress customers.


Using hashtags is the ultimate means of leveraging the power of the social media. Now has this hashtag concept thrown you into confusion? Here's some light. A hashtag basically groups the information posted in Twitter.
  • What these hashtags do is bring users with certain interests in touch with posted information that deals with those topics.
  • When businesses use hashtags to post content on Twitter, even users who are not in their list of followers could access them. It's a great opportunity for businesses to get themselves new prospective customers.
  • Hastags work not just for Twitter but on other social networks as well such as Facebook and Google+.
So here's how hashtags can be used. All you need to do is identify the topic your posts would fit in. There may already be a hashtag for the topic. Check out the hashtags others in your field of business are using. You can collect a list of such hashtags and choose which ones you'd like to employ for your posts. Clicking on a hashtag will open a new list containing posts having the hashtag. This is true for Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. Hashtags dealing with various topics can also be combined to deliver more accurate results.   

This is crucial and could give businesses the vital edge over the competition. Twitter marketing should indeed be a major social media marketing strategy for small and medium-sized businesses and hashtags should be a major element of it. Start loving Twitter and hashtags like never before.

Social Media Analysis

A reliable and professional SEO company can help businesses in that as part of their social media marketing services while also providing social media monitoring and analysis on a regular basis. Effective social media analysis is how your business can perfect it social media strategies and ensure their effectiveness. Thanks to the sheer volume of consumer data and the sprouting of social media activity it is important to study how people connect to each other in these social networks and how and what kind of data is shared the most.  

Social media analysis also helps in gathering analytics which can help you make informed business decisions, particularly those dealing with customer service and marketing. There's no better way to get a clear idea of customer sentiment than through social media analytics. The services of an experienced SEO company obviously help in gathering precious social media data.

Article Source:- Study Reveals Quick Twitter Responses Work Wonders

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