Friday, 31 May 2013

Hot New SEO Trends in 2013

The field of search engine optimization (SEO) in particular has witnessed fast, and most often, unexpected changes. Regardless of the nature or size of your business, you have to keep track of these changes and modify your SEO strategies accordingly. 

Look Out For These Hot New SEO Trends In 2013
  • Quality and not Quantity: Google and other search engines have made it clear that what counts is quality rather than quantity. Only web pages with high quality content are likely to get better ranks and better visibility on Google. Peppering up content with videos and images will also improve search engine ranking.
  • Keyword Strategies: Keyword stuffing should be strictly avoided as this will have a detrimental effect on your search results. The keywords inserted in your content should be relevant to the matter on your web page. The rise of long-tail keywords is gaining importance as users try to narrow their searches with more specific queries. Besides geographically-specific keywords, searchers are more descriptive about what they are looking for. Focusing on long-tail keywords that your customers are using will pay off as these keywords face less competition and are easier to rank.
  • Mobile SEO: Mobile searches have increased enormously in the last couple of years. So mobile SEO has taken center stage. Local SEO has also reached new heights with mobile-enabled search. Professional mobile SEO services are available to build a mobile-friendly website which will load quickly. Moreover, Siri and Google now have taken mobile search to a new level. As these search tools are based on voice input, you can expect to see the rise of new keywords – people don’t talk the same way they type.
  • Social Media: Social media optimization will continue to grow as an SEO tool. Sharing videos on social media is making well produced videos go viral. It is now a tool that will help you decide your level of success. YouTube marketing and visual marketing on Pinterest will work to generate more leads for products and services.
  • SEO Link Building: From now on, link building should be out of necessity as simply building back links for the sake of search results is not allowed. Google’s new algorithm has rooted out link farms that are built to fake link popularity.
  • Google Authorship: Google authorship is being increasingly used to build authority on the Internet. Businesses are extending their individual and business authority with authorship. This feature will allow users to easily connect with you on Google Plus so that authors can put their stamp, such as their photograph, on the original content they produce.

To stay competitive, it’s important to reframe your business strategies based on these significant SEO trends for 2013. A professional SEO company can help you do this. SEO specialists keep track of all that’s going on in the world of SEO to provide your business with affordable online marketing solutions for an enhanced online presence. 


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