Friday, 21 June 2013

SEO Benefits From Pinterest

Social networking sites have taken the Internet by storm. The latest in the league is Pinterest.  Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that has also been described as an online pin board. Just like other social media sites, Pinterest has opened up immense possibilities for search engine optimization. Businesses looking to enhance their social media presence for higher SEO ranking can utilize various Pinterest marketing strategies to further their marketing goals.

4 ways Pinterest Can Improve Search Results

Here are some Pinterest marketing tactics that can have immense SEO benefits for your business:
  • People love visual content. Visual content often gets more awareness and provokes more interaction than written content. Whenever an image is pinned, it links back to the original source. This offers great backlinks that can also bring referral traffic to your website. Moreover, users can save the image to different bulletin boards so that it gets shared easily and quickly to boost the online visibility of your website. As Pinterest is also like a social bookmarking site, it is easier to come up with effective marketing tactics to attract traffic for higher conversions and ROI.
  • The 'Pin It' button is great for promoting the visual content you have on your site. This will enhance brand recognition and attract your targeted audience. Pinterest has also added the Follow button to encourage people to follow you on the site.
  • You can involve your loyal customers in your Pinterest marketing campaign by selecting few of your regular customers and create a pinboard especially for their pins. After that ask them to pin images that represent the lifestyle they experience because they use your brand. 
  • You can create a visually appealing page to engage your followers on your website and use it to display content from Pinterest. For instance, Nine West has done this, brought the social media content to its website and increased its reach by including social share buttons which allow visitors to pin directly from this page.
Succeeding in Network Marketing

There are SEO professionals out there who can come up with Internet marketing ideas that you haven’t ever thought of. Find professional SEO Company to handle your social media marketing. Using the right strategies, they can maximize your SEO benefits from your Pinterest marketing campaign.

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